Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Silly Holy/Discipline DPS Spec

Here is the spec I have worked out to try and do as much damage as possible. I used the elixir and the food mentioned in the previous article, because upon looking in my bank, I found that I didn't have the Bat Wool ring or the neckpiece I thought I had. I used the weapon chain offered up by Llanion, because I ended up using all my materials on my hand and foot enchants. A bit over the hit cap, I hearthed to Dalaran and portaled to Silvermoon to use their Boss level dummy. It is probably no secret that Silvermoon, on a regular or PvP server, is a barren wasteland, and so, anything you would normally have to fight your way in line to get to is waiting eagerly to serve you.

I buffed myself with my improved Fortitude and improved Spirit buffs. Working with a dummy doesn't allow for much testing of reflective shield, so I'm probably going to have to wheedle my way into dpsing something soon to get an idea on how much dps that gives (if it registers as mine at all). I started out the old fashioned way I had read on Elitist Jerks, by moving in close and starting with a Holy Nova until it procced Surge of Light, with Shadow Word:Pain and Devouring Plague refreshed when needed. After blowing a whole bar of mana, I realized that, in order for that to work, I had to have many additional targets for Holy Nova to potentially crit on. My dps for that try? About 900. No misses, but some partial resists.

Next try, realizing my crit was a bit low, I tried starting with Holy Fire, then dotting with Shadow Word:Pain and Devouring Plague, then casting Smite until I needed to reapply dots. Running out my mana bar again, the resulting dps was 1050. I think Surge of Light procced twice. Better, but I wanted more.

Third try, I dotted with just Shadow Word:Pain and Devouring Plague, then Smite, then Mind Seared. I didn't even get past that first Mind Sear before I realized this was not the way to go. My dps was sitting around 795. I sat, loaded up my mana bar, and tried again.

Fourth time, and the guild is throwing together an impromptu run of Naxxramas (10). I get them to invite me as I carelessly threw in a couple of Shadow Word:Death casts into the mix with a rotation similar to test number 2. Resulting dps? About 1000. But I wasn't giving it my full attention. Tomorrow is another day! Maybe I can find some fun glyphs...

We took out the Spider Wing (first for me!) and started with the Plague Wing. I got to keep a nice drop from Grand Widow Faerlina, Sash of Mortal Desire. I think I will start questing and buy me a socket for it :)

Did I mention I didn't respec to do this fight? I was super low on the healing charts, but if you had been in my raid, you would have seen bubbles on everyone! Rotation? Bubble, Prayer of Mending, Flash Heal and Greater Heal when needed, cast Power Infusion on the Shaman when up, and renew bubbles if the heal from the bubble didn't top them off. No wipes until Heigan, but then, none of our guild had tried him yet, so it was to be expected.

Off I go! Have some leveling to do on a hunter, or a rogue, or a warrior, or even a mage. Who do I choose?


Friday said...

I just got my Priest (Neveron) to 61 and am enjoying these posts. I know very little about playing this class. :)

What I want, though, is a Holy DPS priest for level. I respec'd Shadow and it's going quicker, but I still prefer Holy, for some reason. Likin' the ideas you're putting up here. It's fun to play with!

And why... why... why... when I finish up in original WoW and I've got these beautiful robes and a crown and so on, I get to Hellfire, do the first few quest chains, get the blue rewards and suddenly she looks like a hooker?!? Gah!

I'm running around Hellfire singing "Mah milkshake brings all the orcs to the yard, orcs to the yard, orcs to the yard!" At least my guild is having fun. It's non- stop "yah! we can kill this big boss... and get Neveron some PANTS!"




Typhoonandrew said...

Can a Disc build be use for levelling? I know its a deviation from your blog post, sorry about that. I ask as I'm thinking of taking my priest from 70 to 80, and I'm looking for a dps/heal hybrid - and a mix of Disc/Holy looks the go; rather than just sucking as a healer and going full shadow.

Shawndra said...

@TyphoonAndrew-With the change to the way all casters handle spell power, there is no reason we shouldn't be able to spec any way we want and level. Discipline would definitely be the Protection version of the priest tree, doing some damage, but really all about outlasting your prey, not killing it before it remembers to attack :)

@Friday-I remember Hellfire, and the outfit really had me wishing I had a top hat and a cane so I could join a chorus line! Worse, most of the stuff you can buy on the auction house at green level are barely there vests, and the blue items early on are just the same as the quest rewards! You and I, though separated by faction, are much alike. Poor Shawndra, my warrior, has been shelved in favor of the priestess.