Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Costume - Wicked Witch of the West.

Thought you were pretty foxy, didn't you?
It was difficult to find anything pure black in the game. Still, I think I have captured the spirit of this nasty old hag, who I am portraying as a troll. I know, it's not too original, because the Wicked Witch in Karazhan is a troll, too. I think mine looks the part, though.  Here's my take on the Wicked Witch.

I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too! 
This is a transmog set.  It is a shame that they won't allow us to use the Farmer's Broom for transmog! Sadly, if you don't already have one of these, it has been confirmed that it no longer drops. Here's the list of items I used.

What do you think? Could she replace The Crone in Karazhan?  Here's a reference picture.

Ignore the silly shadow priest who wouldn't move.
Maybe not, but I think she looks every bit as evil as The Crone. Maybe she could stand in when she gets caught in a rainstorm, melting.

I'll be mostly afk tomorrow, handing out candy, escorting a kid or 3 all over my little town, and the usual work stuff. Happy Hallow's End! 

Halloween Costume - Dorothy

There's no place like home...
This could be a transmog if you can find a main hand that fades into the background. It's all cloth and pretty easy to get, for the most part. Here's the list.

Not as cute and cuddly as the original.

You could use your Egg Basket from Noblegarden instead of the lantern, but then it wouldn't be a transmog set!  This outfit also benefits from having Tito around. All you have to do is collect all the pets in this achievement group to get him, and most can be found on the auction house. This achievement works with traded pets, too, so if you have a friend that has the ones you need, trade them, learn them, and crate them back up to trade back. 

I think I have time for a Wicked Witch Costume, and maybe even a Tin Man. Happy Hallow's End!

Halloween Costume - Glinda the Good Witch.

You've always had the power, my dear.
This is not a transmog set, because the Elegant Dress is a common item, and I left out the belt, gloves, cloak, and main hand items. Still, if you have a costume party to go to in game, this will almost work. Just be sad with me for a moment that the Gossamer Headpiece doesn't let your lovely locks show. Thanks to the magic of GIMP, it works, but not so in game. Here, for reference, is a random picture of Glinda the Good Witch from the original Wizard of Oz.

You had it, all along...

Here's the item list, should you care to try this out in game.

Next, I will attempt a remake of Dorothy, complete with Toto.  Happy Hallow's End!

There is Still Heroic Mode!

Aww, look at the kitty!
I bought the last wing of Naxxramas today, and with the help of Icy Veins and Hearthhead, beat Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad. I finished the last class challenge, and now have all the Naxxramas cards. The paladin challenge was fun with all the oozes and buffs. I look forward to tweaking some decks and totally reworking others.

My card list is very light on legendary and epic cards. I stopped buying packs so I could buy the wings of Naxxramas with gold. I wasn't upset at not getting my customary 2 packs a week, because I had been dusting 90% of the cards I received. I'll be glad to have the extra gold to try out some arena, as my highest arena key is bronze, and I hear that you have a chance to win single cards with every key.

Have any decks to beat heroic mode Naxxramas bosses? I'd love to see them!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Trick or Treat?

Look at all the costumes!

I like that costumes stack, until one turns Delgada into a leper gnome. From then on, all the costumes are male. I'm all for dressing up, but Del really likes being, well, a girl. Trick or Treating is serious business, and Delgada wanted a kitty that was alive as her, so she had some serious traveling to do.

Widget the Departed.

Delgada is weary of begging for candy. She got a lot of treats, but I think an equal amount of tricks.

Can we make toothpicks a currency?
I'm afraid Bittsee or Carlatta or Shawndra will have to run around and gather candy for the other kitty,  and for the Yipp-Saron costume. Delgada used the last of her candy money to buy some masks.


She ran out of candy before she could try out an Ogre mask, so Bittsee was made to try that one on.


I think it suits her. The buff is all wrong though. What is an arcane mage going to do with extra stamina? 

That is about all the time I have for fun tonight. If I have time or patience tomorrow, I'll edit in WoWhead links. Hope you are enjoying Hallow's End as much as I am!